Sunday, August 17, 2014

Starting a Pen and Ink Illustration (part 3)...

Inking and Additions...

 In my pieces, I try to include as much stuff/business as possible to present different levels of entertainment for the eye. After all, who wants to look at a boring illustration?

  At this point, in my latest project, I'm looking for places to add some thing or some one but not to detract from the main theme and focus of the piece.  Silhouette, value, texture and composition are the criteria for their inclusion. With all the activity going on, these added forms are designed not to stand out but to contribute to the whole.

  If you had not noticed, in part 2, I added a little boy (far right corner between Cracker Jack salesman and boy reaching) and a tree (right side, middle).

(added tree and darks...)

Now I'm working the darks. This will give the illusion of depth to the illustration. As you can see at this stage the areas that are not inked stand out in the foreground.
(more darks...)

  From a distance this line of guys (lower left corner) is leading the eye into the illustration...
(texture on clothing but not on hats at this point...)

 I'm still looking for areas to darken and to go darker in places already darkened.

And I've spent a lot of time squinting my eyes and looking at the piece from a distance. Making sure the piece works from a distance as well as up close.

(about half finished at this point)

I mentioned the hats on the men along the left corner leading to the center. These hats, when inked, will be important later, as they will be a visual buffer when the playing field is inked.


Additionally, this illustration served as the backdrop for the film team of Michael Fiore and Eric Sharkey (Drew:  The Man Behind The Poster) as they filmed and interviewed me at my desk for the piece they are doing on the life of Disney Legend and animation pioneer Floyd Norman. (I do not have any details to a release date at this point) 

(preparing my office, at my home in San Dimas, for filming)

(Michael, checking for camera focus and lighting where I will eventually be seated)

(the sound operator setting up his equipment)

I'll keep you posted as the illustration progresses towards completion:-)


  1. I was looking at Nik Ranieri's facebook page, and saw your comment. I found out you were online and found this blog.
    I enjoy looking at what artists make. I wish I could make it myself, but I'm not very good at drawing.
    I still like looking at what other artists create.
    The artists from Disney are amazing.

    That is great detail in the drawing.

  2. Ben-I appreciate that you "enjoy looking at what artists make", where would we artists be without others liking our work, I feel a responsibility to exercise the talent I have been blessed with so that I can be a blessing to others by sharing my talent with them.Think of a singer who refused to sing for anyone, we'd think, 'how selfish', that is what motivates me to let others in on what only a few get to see:-)