Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Where were you? part 2

 Continuing along my artistic journey, looking through my quick sketch pages and answering the question "where was I" on a particular date in time and in no chronological order...


I was at a screening of 'Tyrus', a documentary about Tyrus Wong . A Chinese American artist who had a prolific career as a painter, animator, calligrapher, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer, kite maker, set designer and storyboard artist. He was the inspiration for the visual style (painted backgrounds and look) of the Walt Disney classic animated film Bambi. 

Born in 1910, he was 105 years old at the time the sketch was made. He died December 30, 2016.


 The buzzing of chainsaws coursed through my windows. Upon investigation I saw tree trimmers saddled to my neighbors trees and with precision they did their jobs. I hurried to the garage, got a folding chair and positioned myself in  my driveway for a better view to capture their movements among the tree limbs. Here are the results.

  A two day outdoor jazz and blues festival at Frank G. Bonelli Reginal Park also known as Puddingstone Lake or just plain Puddingstone, located in San Dimas, CA.. Within walking distance from my home.
I arrived early to get a location in the shade of the trees.

  Many had gotten there earlier than me, already set up and waiting for the show to start. Others  were a steady movement of bodies, spread out across the rolling grass looking to drop anchor in a prime viewing/listening location.

 I plopped down in the shade overlooking the main stage and shortly realized the shadow cast by the leaves above was slowly disappearing as the day wore on.
As the sketches tell the story of my view, I was able to see the performers and those unknowingly performing for my pen.


 This gentleman was selling umbrellas in anticipation of the shift in the tree shade pattern as the sun moved across the July sky.

 The crowd continued to arrive and set up as the all day and into the night jazz and blues concert began.

 Bonelli Park covers a lot of territory and a number of musicians were set up on stages out of hearing range of the main stage. There was no drop off in talent or entertainment level, just location. To stretch my legs I took a walk to discover some of this non-headliner talent.

 This musician (below) played an instrument I had never seen before...violin like but much more round and compact. The sounds that he made had the crowd, who like me had wandered to the back side of the park, enthusiastically rocking to his rhythm. I wondered why he was not on the main stage. He sounded as good or better than any of the main stage artists and generated over the top crowd reaction.


Throughout the day the crowd continued to arrive and body language displayed their enjoyment of the concert..

As time progressed the rolling grass filled in with concert goers responding to the beat of the music.


Until next time...