Thursday, November 5, 2020

Starting this weekend...(free events).

Mount San Antonio College (MtSac) will present Culturama 2020:6th Annual Weekend of the Arts (Running through the month of November this year).

All events, panels and workshops will be on line in Zoom.

I will present a workshop Quick Sketching in Illustration and Animation this Saturday 11/7/20 from 11am to 12:30 pm and a week later participate in a panel Saturday 11/14/20  from 5pm to 6:30pm on the topic Artist and Writers of Color Talk about the Professional World.

Registration is listed on the flyer and this weekends activities are listed below.

(Probably won't have many participants as my workshop is at the same hour as 'Writing about Sex':- )


Welcome to the first weekend of Culturama!

We have events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for you here:

On the day of the event, please go to the event schedule for the link to the events’ Zoom room. Here is what we have coming up this weekend:

Friday, November 6:


Opening Culturama and how to get into a creative habit with Melissa Macias, Lloyd Aquino, Robert Piluso, Daniel Wheeler, and John Brantingham



Scott Noon Creley - Getting Started in Science Fiction



Kareem Tayyar - Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds: Using Daydreams to Inspire Your Poetry



Writing for an Income with Yi Shun Lai


Saturday, November 7:


Using Writing to Work Through Trauma, Part One with Ken Johnson and John Brantingham


Two Sessions! Choose either:

Ron Husband -- Quick Sketching in Illustration and Animation

or Lynda Hoggan -- Writing about Sex


Saturday afternoon with Anders Carson -- Prompts for Poetry and Prose


Creating a Career in Book Publishing -- Tobi Harper and Monica Fernandez


Sunday, November 8:


Bonnie Hearn Hill - Special Session with limited spaces with a book editor. The first 5 students who request this session will have their work analyzed by book editor, Bonnie Hearn Hill

Submit requests to have your work analyzed to:



Stephanie Hammer - A Crash Course in Magical Realism



Michaelsun Knapp: Let the Music Take Control - Using Lyricism to Develop Poems



Keynote Reading with Lynne Thompson and liz gonz├ílez