Saturday, August 24, 2019

Life and Death in Ink Part 1

As those who know me are aware, I make it a  prerequisite to carry a sketchbook everywhere my travels lead me. Spain, Paris, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Japan... various portions of the US. I don't even have to go anywhere, frequently sketching the occupants in my living room.

Artists like myself with an interest in sketching humans and animals are not only concerned with drawing a walk for example; but we also paying attention to how they walk, stand, gesture etc. This understanding comes from observation and analyzing what takes place when the body is in motion or stationary.

As I observe, I ask myself, "what forces are in place when a foot comes off the ground," "when does the body shift to keep its balance', "how do opposite limbs react while in motion," and "where is the drag and follow through of clothing most evident?" 

I depend on my pen or pencil to supply the answers.

If this reads like a chapter in my book  (Quick Sketching with Ron Husband Revised and Expanded) it is. I "practice what I preach," as the old saying goes and I wouldn't steer you anywhere I haven't been. I encourage you to be more observant of those around you.  It is important as artists to take advantage of observing life (movement) all around us. 

Which leads me to the first part of my blog topic Life... 

Life and Death in Ink
I have the good fortune of being a grandparent who has contact with my grand kids and the triple blessing of them being around long enough, on occasion, to observe them, analyze their actions and take notes in sketches of my children's children. Observation, analyzing and taking notes sounds like a science project and I suppose in a way utilizing them helps me make a better sketch. Here are some examples:

 Grandkids Reese, Rayna and Asher...around 2009? (below).

Until next time...