Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Photography by Darius Carter


(Photo by Darius Carter)

  I met a young man a few months ago who had wanted to make my acquaintance for some time. He married the daughter of a friend of mine from the church I attend. In conversation with his wife, my name was brought up "you know Ron Husband?"... "yes, he drew us a Bible story way back when I was in the children's church, contact Dad, he'll put you in touch with him". This is about how the story goes that led to our meeting.

 First contact, he called as I was returning from a presentation I had done at CTN (Creative Talent Network) in Burbank, CA. Through the speaker phone in my car as I navigated the freeway, he explained who he was (cinematographer, art director and professional photographer etc.).

 Darius, in collaboration with Shawn Michael Warren are responsible for Oprah Winfrey's portrait that was recently unveiled and hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC.

 See link below for text and pictures of Oprah, Darius and Shawn together.


  Shawn oil paints his portraits based on  the photographs that Darius takes. Darius told me he and Shawn suggested the purple dress that Oprah wore for her photoshoot:- ).

  Darius had something similar in mind for me. Not an official Oprah like portrait painted by Shawn but a photoshoot in my office/studio that would eventually be included in an exhibition of his photographs.

  Weeks later Darius visited my home. We had real heartfelt conversation, discovering we have much in common. A whole afternoon photoshoot melted by as the camera clicked image after image. Some posed, others candid of an artist at his desk, utilizing the talent God blessed him with.

  As he packed up his equipment to go home to his wife and toddler daughter, his face and eyes revealed he got the shots he wanted. These are just few of the images he took that day. 

Can't wait to see the rest that are being prepared for his exhibition.

(Photo by Darius Carter)

(All photographs below by Darius Carter)

I'll keep you posted.

Until next time...                                                             


At our monthly Men's gathering and breakfast at the 2nd Baptist Church in Monrovia, CA, Darius (left) presented me with two of his images from the photoshoot.

Proudly displaying the images.

 Darius, me and Steve Darden who is also Darius's father-in-law and president of the Men's group at church.

Photos by Eric Johnson