Saturday, February 25, 2023


  The news outlets broadcast politics and politicians daily, you can't help but give it and them some thought. Politicians have a tremendous responsibility representing us. With all they are concerned with, it seems almost incredible that they take an interest in the lives of individuals they represent. Some politicians take such an interest in their constituents that they go above and beyond by reaching out and making contact with those in their districts.

I happen to be one of the few who have had first hand experience of being recognized by a politician, my California State Representative.


 The first time, some fifty-five years ago as a senior at Monrovia High School.

 Assemblyman Peter F. Schabarum (1929-2021), known as the 'Father of California Term Limits Law', reading the town newspaper (Daily News Post) seeing a picture with captions about me, sent me the  article taped to an official state brochure (below).

 I had never met him, knew anything about him or politics and it would be three years before I  would be able to vote (July1, 1971 Amendment XXV lowered the age from 21 to 18).

 He took an interest in me and I'm sure other individuals he represented.



 The second time Assemblyman Schabarum took notice of me was three years later.  

After he graduated from the University of California Berkely and before entering into politics, he played in the National Football League for the San Francisco 49ers in the early 1950s. We had a football connection.

Again, taping an article to a brochure (below) letting me know he read the newspaper and was aware of the activities of those in his district.

 Regardless of the activities and rhetoric that comes out of politicians, they are there to do their best and some go above and beyond to encourage, Assemblyman Peter F. Schabarum was one.


Another of the encouraging politicians is Assemblyman Chris R. Holden.

In a few days California State Assemblyman Chris Holden will have an impact and encourage my life. Not by brochure but in a personal appearance, by me at the state capitol in Sacramento (below). Though he will not be there in person (he will be in Pakistan) a representative from his office will stand in for him.

Dear Mr. Husband,


It was my pleasure on behalf of Assemblymember Chris R. Holden, to notify you this afternoon of your selection as his Unsung Hero, 2023.  


Each year, members of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) select a constituent whose accomplishments are a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to society. Assemblymember Holden learned of your long and  successful  career at Walt Disney Studios as the first African American Animator.  He is impressed by your accomplishments and wants to honor you, an example of Black excellence.


For the first time since the pandemic, the recognition will be  in a Floor Ceremony at the State Capitol, Monday, February 27.

Our representatives do take a personal interest in all of us:- ).

until next  time...

Friday, February 24, 2023

Hey, that's Dad...

 Recently son Jai on business as usual. Head of the art department and lead designer at Light Up Toys on one of his many visits to theme parks across the continent, to take orders for his company's product, this time Disney World in Orlando, FL. spots his Dad on a poster.


Sharing this photo with the family his baby sister wrote "They meant to say Ron Husband was THE FIRST African American to achieve the title Animator AND later SUPERVISING Animator at the Walt Disney Studios".

I was "one of the first", my history has the first African American to work at Disney Feature Animation was Frank Braxton who worked there a few months, then Floyd Norman followed by Mike McKinney and me coming fourth on the list working in animation at Disney and number one doing the work of an animator:- ).

until next time...