Sunday, August 3, 2014

Starting a Pen and Ink Illustration (part 2)...

  I promised to keep you posted on the progress of my latest piece. If you need to catch up, the first steps are in the 'Starting a Pen and Ink Illustration...' dated 7/12/14.

Ink work...
(Fully inked pencil lines on 23"x29" illustration board)

   Starting to add detail to ink work...

Cross hatching more detail and darks in ink...

  I'll keep you posted on further progress.

Space Raider Trailer...
 My son Jai is animating a series for the company he is working for, here is a link that will appear on U-Tube.


  1. Ron, many years ago, around 1990, I contacted Walt Disney Studios as a young kid with a new dream. Being a Disney animator. I was fortunate enough to have received a wonderful letter from Bill Matthews. He was very kind and forwarded my letter and interests to some animators. You and Phil Young both wrote me back. I have never been able to tell you how much I appreciated that. You took the time to analyze my drawings, taking tracing paper and drawing correctional elements on top of mine for context. That was the coolest moment for a young kid like me. I thank you so much not only for that letter, but also for all of the fine work you've created for me and millions of others through the films at Walt Disney Studios. All the best...OH: this drawing you are working on looks incredible. Looks a bit like the workings of a mural somewhere. Cheers! Mike Rosado

    1. Mike- Glad you followed up on the 'thank you', touching bases after all this time...most guys in the industry try to encourage young artists like yourself, I know I would have appreciated input from a professional when I was comig up...I just finished this illustration, will blog about it shortly:-)

  2. Mr Husband,
    Just wanted you to know that your work has inspired me.
    Thank you,
    -John F Willis