Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Keynote Speaker UNLV College of Fine Arts 2023

 On Sunday May 14th  I was given the honor to address the graduating class of Fine Art students on the campus of my Alma Mater, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  

On the way to the podium...

(Photo by Larry Henley)

Program and sticker on seat I was assigned to:- ) (below).

Seated next to Dean of Fine Arts Nancy Uscher(at podium), administration, regents, undergraduate and graduate speakers  (below).
(Photo by L. Henley)

Waiting my turn, as usual, I sketched those in the waiting room and at the podium:- ).

(Photo by L. Henley)

Quick sketches...                                  

At the podium my 'hood' was hanging off my shoulder (first image above). The afternoon's emcee, Kymberly Mellon, straightened me out to a big 'thumbs up':- ).

(Photo by L. Henley)

Speaking from the heart and looking at the audience of students, parents and others.

(Photo by L. Henley)

 My view of students, parents and others:- ).

(Photo by Ron Husband)

Undergraduate student speaker Ayce Mangapit and Graduate student speaker Judahea Bluntt finished off the afternoon (below).

(Photo by L. Henley)


(Photo by L. Henley)

 UNLV posted a link to my speech here.

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  1. Hello Ron! My name is Noah! I'm an aspiring animator working on an animated project! Given your work, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to create memorable character designs for 2D animation? Any tips you have would be great!