Friday, March 11, 2022

Steamboat has legs!


(Interior page from Steamboat School)

Anything that continues to garner interest, it is said to 'have legs'.

Steamboat School is in that category of having legs. I first blogged about the book on it's publication and release on June 6, 2016. Since then in this blog I have updated awards and recognition it has received on eight more occasions ( Aug. 29, 2016; Oct. 17, 2016; Dec. 14, 2016; Dec. 16, 2016; Jan. 25, 2017; Feb. 2, 2017; Oct. 20, 2017; Oct. 31, 2017).

This is the latest installment of Steamboat's legs.

  Mar. 3, 2022 I was informed Steamboat School had been chosen to be included on the grades 3-4 Great Texas Mosquito List 2021-22 school year by the Brazosport Independent School District. Being on the list makes Steamboat School a contender for the Great Texas Mosquito List Student Choice Award to be announced in April of this year.

Also in regards to Steamboat School.

 PBS in collaboration with Ozarks public television made a documentary Missouri! A Bicentennial Celebration 1821-2021 presented by Missouri State University.

In the hour and 54 minute presentation, a section of the documentary discusses education in Missouri prior to the civil war as it pertained to Black Americans. The artwork from the pages of Steamboat School give visuals to the words explaining the circumstances of John Berry Meachum educating African-American children from a floating school house in the Mississippi River after a law was passed forbidding African American education in Missouri.

Though this story is well known in Missouri, only one picture of John Berry Meachum exists (below).   

(John Berry Meachum)

(The documentary can be viewed on line by typing in> Missouri! A Bicentennial Celebration 1821-2021)

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