Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hunchback of Notre Dame and more...part 3

February 1996...

   I visited a junior high school in Pomona, CA for a career day.  Like always I encouraged the students to follow their dreams and make the most of the educational opportunities that lay before them.

(Newspaper article of my visit to local jr. high school)

  Later that month I was whisked off to Planet Hollywood to plug Pocahontas which was being released on video after a summer run in the theaters. The facility had been rented out for the afternoon and a couple of bus loads of elementary school kids were my audience as I talked and demonstrated traditional animation on a animation desk they had set up for the occasion.

(Itinerary to my outing...)

(Planet Hollywood re-decorated for the occasion.)

 March 1996...

The animation staff who had worked on Oliver and Company were invited to a reunion luncheon to celebrate it's re-release.

(Official invite to lunch...)

April 1996...

  The crew worked into spring/early summer. The Twilight Bark announced the trailer for Hunchback...  meaning the production, though not fully finished, was coming to an end.

   In the months leading up to this point the screen time on Djali had doubled. Every time there was a test screening for executives or test audiences, there was a call for 'more goat'. Seems Djali was getting laughs and the writers found scenes to put her in that were natural and not forced. Djali brought some levity to  heavy, dramatic story telling.

(to be continued)

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