Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Edinboro University Pa...

Edinboro, Pa....
  At the 2013 CTN Expo I met up with Mike Genz whom I had not seen since our days at Disney some twenty years ago. He is now an Associate Professor at Edinboro University in Pa.

He had brought some of his animation students to the festival. In conversation, Mike brought up the idea of me coming to EU.

 This past week the invitation became a reality.
After a long, smooth flight I arrived Wednesday April 2nd. Fortunately for me  nothing was scheduled and I took the opportunity to rest at the Seasons Inn, a first rate, family owned Bed and Breakfast. I was greeted and made to feel welcome by Mary Anne who made sure all guests were well taken care of.
The Seasons Inn...

Mary Anne in the lobby of the Seasons Inn..
Thursday morning I sat in on Brad Pattullo's animation class. One of the students, Dani K. said she had written a song for me and asked the teacher if she could sing it, right then and there. 'No, maybe after class', as he rolled his eyes:)...at class end I was treated to a song written especially for me, a rap song no less.
In very animated body language she belted out
"R to the O to the N Husband
                Carryin 'round your sketchbook again 
                                              Some say he is the O.G. of a Company called Disney 
(Super awesome beatboxing)
Can we get a selfie?
pretty pretty please
I'll do the duck face if you do the PEACE" 
She also makes a tasty homemade cupcake, thank you Dani.

That night I spoke to 106 students and faculty on campus.

Mike Genz introduced me as I prepare to lecture.

The attendees from my view point of view.

I had the marvelous opportunity to speak...
   do some drawing to illustrate a point...
and answer some questions.

At the end of the lecture I greeted a long line wanting to take a selfie, shake hands, get an autograph or sign my book.

Friday afternoon I spoke again to about 40 students off campus.  That night, more than 60 braved the cold weather to come out and hear what I had to say about storytelling and the process of animation.
Saturday about 15 students met me, Mike and assistant professor Jeremy Galante, at the mall for a hands on  quick sketching session that lasted about two hours. The students (and teachers:) put into practice some of the concepts I had been lecturing about.
We met afterward, pulled some tables together, and had class/critique in the food court.
Thanks again to Mike Genz,the Incubator group, the dedicated faculty and the talented students of Edinboro University for making this a memorable visit for me. 
The youthful enthusiasm and creativity of the Edinboro animation students has encouraged me to continue sharing my passion for art and animation!


  1. Indeed, Ron Husband reinforced the value of solid drawing and storytelling. His lectures were clear and informative visually detailing each concept, which were later applied out on the field. He is passionate in capturing the vitality and life within each pose he draws. He illustrated topics on weight, balance, anatomy, shape, expression, and silhouette- just to mention a few! Thanks Ron, for your generosity and for passing your knowledge and insight into the world of Quick Sketching with Ron Husband.