Thursday, February 20, 2014

Further into the 90's...

I learned early about the value of thumbnails in the planning of a scene.  This prevented a lot of headaches (my own) by working a scene or scenes out in these small rough drawings first, then showing them to the lead animator or director before starting to animate. By doing this I was able to animate with confidence knowing my superiors knew what direction I was headed.

(Thumbnails of Amos running from Fox and the Hound.)

(My thumbnails of Cody from Rescuers Down Under - pre-animation action studies.)

(And animation of Cody (Rescuers Down Under) running, is based on this cycle.) 

   Also during this time, my pen and ink artwork was on display at Azusa Pacific University art gallery in Azusa, Ca. Whenever my artwork was displayed, I was asked if it was for sale. It was not originally my intention to execute art work for sale. I did it just for my pleasure and to improve my pen and ink style. I got the idea to have some prints made of the work, so I could keep my originals and others could have a copy for themselves.

I collaborated with John Greco of Josephine Press in Santa Monica to do a limited (50) run of hand pulled prints which would be signed and numbered.

Concurrently, I had the opportunity to speak at Biola University in La Habra, Ca. It was a great opportunity to share with those students what we were doing in animation over at Disney. 

   I enjoyed those teaching moments and when the opportunity came, I agreed to accept a teaching position at a local junior college. The class was  Cartooning and Humorous Illustration. This laid the foundation for me in years to come to teach other classes in figure drawing, quick sketch and animation. Also to lecture and conduct workshops.
 I had been introduced to the late great, Mr.Bil Keane through his son Glen.  I wrote him asking his professional advice about cartooning and humorous illustration work. He kindly responded (right) with a wealth of other information and an original Family Circus panel.

  Word of wisdom: Seek advice and direction from those in the occupation you wish to enter. The higher up the 'food chain' the better the advice. My advice came from the very top.



  1. Thank you for the run cycle and for sharing your experiences!

  2. WOW! Cody!! That animation is really one of my favourites ones!