Monday, November 25, 2013

Second Book Signing in the Marina...

This past Saturday afternoon (11/23/13) was spent signing Quick Sketching with Ron Husband at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Marina Del Rey, Ca. Four years ago when I started to seriously think about putting this book together, I had no idea that it would lead to this. People interested enough to have my signature in their copy of my book. A very humbling experience for me.

Last weekend at CTNX, held at the Marriott hotel in Burbank, I did a book signing.  My publisher, Focal Press, sold out of all the copies they brought with them.

 Saturday there were no lines out the door and wrapped around the building, but there was a steady stream of those seeking a signature. This gave me time to carry on a conversation with each individual, learning who they were, their connection to me, their appreciation for animation or art in general, how the book would effect their talent or just to shake hands.

I met those who were not artists but had purchased several copies to give as gifts to friends, a person who wanted to 'get back into drawing more', one who saw a posting on facebook and brought his copy to be autographed, several who were in the store and out of curiosity started up a conversation which did not lead to the sale but provided  interesting dialogue. There were those who I knew personally who came in support and even store sales persons who took the time to make me feel welcome and purchased a book or two.

Judy and Larry, former neighbors of ours from San Dimas, forty miles away, stopped by as a pleasant surprise to support support my work.

Animator, Bruce Smith and wife, stopped by to say 'hi' and picked up a couple of copies.

My daughter Melissa and her family came out to support Dad.

I had the opportunity to talk with a lady who was concerned that her grandson, who had a talent to draw but was not motivated to do so. She wondered if purchasing my book would help motivate him to exercise his talent.

The book signing gave me the opportunity to be reacquainted with the Schweizer family. They refreshed my memory of them from years earlier as they had seen me sketching publicly. A conversation ensued that ended with me inviting them to the Disney animation studio and giving them a tour. Kevin, their son, was barely a teen then and now this grown man with a beard accompanying  his mom and dad were here recounting our meeting that happened so long ago. They saw an advertisement that I would be at the store and they came by, making my day memorable. (Kevin posted a picture on facebook of our reuniting).
( left to right) Thelma Jones, myself, my wife,LaVonne, Lonnie Stokes and his wife Josephine. There is a dedication in Quick Sketching with Ron Husband honoring Thelma and Ben Jones on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Thanks to all who came out.

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