Saturday, January 27, 2018

Allen Allensworth Monument Monrovia, CA...

  Allensworth Monument...

(Monrovia, CA the city I was born and raised in and and attend The Second Baptist Church there.)

 A few months back the city of Monrovia, CA sent out a Call for Artists: Request for Submittal Monrovia Treasures Landmark Post.

About Monrovia Treasures  Landmark Posts 
To celebrate Monrovia heroes through public art that honor their contributions.

The article (above) says it all, except mention who the artist is whose work was chosen...guess who:-)


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  1. Looks amazing. I'm glad you shared the picture of the Monrovia Weekly (sometimes I can't find one around town) and the sketch/piece you did.

    1. AC- There will be a ceremony unveiling the Neighborhood Treasure Post on March 10,2017 11am to 2pm in the vicinity of the Second Baptist Church, Monrovia (exact location not known at this time)...

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