Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sketching Adventures in Japan...part 3

 June 25, 2016...

This must be the place...

 The Suidobata Fine Arts Academy.

The picture of me on the poster (above) was taken by Adrienne-Brown Norman (married to Floyd Norman). We were both working at Walt Disney Publications Worldwide at the time. We were often  'early birds' to work  and one morning she asked me to sit for her. With the eastern sunlight coming through the window she photographed a number of dramatic shots. This one was my favorite.

The series of photos she took, like my quick sketches will never be repeated again. A  high rise  building was constructed a short time later blocking our view of the rising sun.

Ki Innis and I were driven by car to the academy by Sanae Hiraya (the main translator of Quick Sketching with Ron Husband).  Sanae generously gave of her time to chauffeur us around on this and other occasions.

Sanae (below-striped shirt) also doubled as a translator for interviewer Sahoko Hyakutake of Genkosha Publishing (below-left in blue) before the workshop began.

Results of Sahoko's interview as it appeared in Illustration magazine. 



 Ki wanted me to look over his sketch pad and pass on some sketching advice before we started (below).  I always enjoy looking at fellow artists' work. Especially talented artists.

   As the students enter, Walter Edwards and Ki (below) check names for registration and book sales. 

Today we concentrate on "ILLUSTRATION", beginning with a lecture translated by Russell Goodall and followed by a Q & A session (below).

Next, a section on "Comparative Anatomy"- pointing out the similarities and differences in animals and humans using a white board (below and right).

Then, we had live models for an examination of Anatomy.  Here I am juxtaposing human male and female body types (below)...


 and then some "hands on" instruction...

And above all, a reminder to think before you commit pencil to paper (below).

About six hours later the workshop ended followed by an interview at a restaurant with Russell again doing the interpreting.

Finally, a subway back to the hotel and in bed by 11 pm.

June 26, 2016...

The workshop began at noon with some encouraging words.


Today's topic is "ANIMATION" with the emphasis on Scene Planning. I utilized both white board and power point (below).

 Then, our drawing session began...

 with instruction, emphasizing simple shapes using a paper towel roll (below right).

Drawing with plenty of hands on instruction (below).


The workshops came to an end and all the students gathered around for a class picture.


 That night I shared a great celebration dinner of bar-b-que ribs and apple pie a-la-mode with Ki and Walter.  Then back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

The taxi let Ki and me out at the back side of the Senso-ji Temple complex which had been closed since I arrived and now was open.
Here I am (below) standing under the newly renovated Kaminarimon Gate (Kaminari='lightning/thunder'  mon='gate') .

June 27-28, 2016...

With just a few days to unwind before heading home, I decided to do some last minute souvenir hunting and sketching. And maybe make a friend or two in the next two days.

While sketching at my favorite people watching spot (Senso-ji Temple area), these two young school girls , who had been watching me from afar, ventured close enough to see what I was drawing...

A conversation ensued.  They were from China.  One spoke English well enough to communicate as I speak no Chinese.  I drew one girl's picture. Before I could draw the other, their parents/guardians called them..."it is time to go".

I had such a hard time trying to pronounce their names, I had them write them down for me in my sketchbook.

Ki, who has a friend who reads the language translated them for me.

Lin Zin and Mei Xuan (below right). 

Another two friends.


 I continued to people watch and sketch...


My sketching had caught the eyes of the young and now I had the interest of a couple of older gentlemen.  We exchanged smiles as they zeroed in for a closer look.

The universal language of art had made me a couple more friends.

Ki and Walter escorted me to the airport and walked me as far as they were permitted.

I said my good-byes to these two gracious hosts.

A special thank you to Ki Innis of Master Drawing Japan and publisher Born Digital for making this all come to fruition.

I will cherish the memories, sketches and the friendships made forever.
(Ki and Walter say good-bye)
Now for the non-stop ten hour ride home:-)

dated 6/17/16
Thank you Mr Ron! 
I'm the girl you drew in Asakusa Starbucks this morning.
You definitely made us surprised and happy! Because of the suddenness, we couldn't say
thank you in person but what you did made me big smile!
Thank you! Have a wonderful stay in Japan!
(Facebook message I received after returning home)

Until next time...

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