Thursday, June 26, 2014

'Quick Sketching with Ron Husband' goes International...

Quick Sketching with Ron Husband...

I wrote this book to inspire and encourage artists to draw more. There is no secret formula to "follow in ten easy lessons" to get better.
  Take the talent you were born with and develop that talent through the discipline of daily sketching, but with the one ingredient that I guarantee will lead to improvement.  That ingredient is learning to sketch with a purpose. I set out in my writing to navigate a course that will lead to territory that the artist is already familiar with. It was not my intention to reinvent the wheel, (there are enough anatomy for the artist, assorted sketchbooks, how to... etc. already on the market) just make the artist aware of the principles they already know.
  The artist is to take advantage of  the many drawing classes they have taken over the years and refocus on what was learned in those classes and to ask the question, what makes a good drawing? and setting out to answer that question through the sketchbook. What I call sketching with a purpose.

 This challenge will take you beyond sketching for the sake of sketching. By understanding what makes a good drawing the artist is able to sketch with  purpose as he/she puts lines on paper. Lines which answer the who, what, when, why, where and how questions.

Want to know more?...consult Quick Sketching with Ron Husband
Which brings me to the main reason of writing this blog.
 A few days ago my editor at Focal Press wrote in part "...the fact that we're moving to translations even before your book is a year old means that it's gaining traction and is quite a success."

Quick Sketching with Ron Husband is going to be translated to Japanese having been picked up by a publisher in Japan. Proving the basics of sketching are universal.


  1. Hi Ron. Do you know if this book will be available at the upcoming comic con? Thanks.

  2. The Japanese translation will not be available until summer 2016 :-)

  3. Congratulations on your success with the book!
    It is quite the inspiration.

    1. Brittney, I wrote it to 'encourage and inspire' and I hope you are:-)

  4. Hi Ron, I love the book - very inspiring!
    One clarification- when quick sketching, does one save the image in their mind that they want to capture and then sketch it? Or are you looking at the person and blindly sketching? And how much time should one spend on each sketch? All my sketches come out like scribbles. ;) Thanks!

    1. Yonatan-No , one is not blindly sketching, there are certain things to look for as you sketch based on your knowledge of anatomy, balance, movement etc.these and other topics are covered more thoroughly in my book and the more you sketch the faster you will become and time will no longer be a factor and those 'scribbles' will be liknesses of what you see:-)