Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creativa Fest 2014...

Mexico City...

I was invited to speak at this years' Creativa Fest: International Animation Festival held April 30th - May 5th in Mexico City. It is the largest gathering of people celebrating animation in Latin America and my first visit there.

My journey started out at the Los Angeles International Airport...waiting to board the plane.


(some waited patiently and others consulted their cell phones as my pen captured their candid moments)

A three hour flight later, I and several other guests were met at the airport by Enrique Chavez Antuna(one of the organizing committee hosts). We were taken to the first class establishment Stadia Suites.

Wednesday April 30th, first lecture...

The Creativa Fest events were held at the Expo Bancomer, a short ride from the hotel to the new business district, Santa Fe in the west part of Mexico City.

(The venue: Expo Bancomer)

Inside the building, the crowd is lining up to go inside to the seating areas...the butterflies are starting to fly in my stomach:)

Before my talk an interview...


                                                         and another...

(Committee volunteer Elizabeth Solis Graniel (middle) interpreted for me.)
one more. 

Audience point of view...
my point of view!

I had not addressed an audience this large before.
The seating capacity was 450, plus those standing along the wall, with cameras and film crews rolling...the butterflies start up again. The first words out of my mouth make me sound like a blithering idiot. I stop speaking, apologize for my nervousness and start my presentation over again:). The audience laughed and clapped ("you're only human," they told me later).
 After my talk and a robust question and answer session, I was ushered to another space to sign a few autographs...


(the line starts...)

(the line continues...)

(and continues:)



Over two and a half hours later the last signature is scribbled on a writing pad...(the pads were handed out to the attendees).

Back to the hotel for a room service meal and a good nights sleep:-).

(to be continued)


  1. Sometimes I see people in a good pose, but I am too bashful to sketch them, because when they see what I do, they would not understand, might have second thoughts. I must add, I need at least 5-10 seconds to capture a pose, and I can only grab the basic shapes. It seems in Europe, the attitude towards these issues in public places is different, based on my experience.

    Have you ever had similar situations? If yes, how did you overcome the problem of getting a sketch of a good pose without being noticed, or without causing differences with others? Is there a different approach?

  2. Alex-quick sketching is just that, getting the basic shapes and gesture down as quickly as possible...think of sketching as exercise to improve your drawing skills, who cares what someone else thinks as long as you know you are doing it for the purpose of getting better-you sketch enough in public you will get over your bashfulness...see my book on quick sketching it will answer some of these questions and more:

  3. Thanks for all Mr. Husband, Nice to Meet You and welcome to México for ever.

  4. Ron, You are now a seasoned speaker... glad you got your feet wet at Edinboro! Oh, and I bet the Mexican food beats Los Compadres any day!


  5. Mr husband thank you for being in mexico city, i learnt a lot with your talks of quick sketching and a little of anatomy like my lack of shoulders and chest XD hehe.

    Im trying to draw int my free time a lot more, and i had the same problem of alex...good not doing something wrong :) i want to draw everyhing that made me feel like something interesting is happening even in someones mind.