Sunday, May 18, 2014

Creativa Fest 2014 Part 2...

Thursday May 1...

Day 2 - A smaller staging area, all seats filled, some even sitting on the floor in front of the raised stage. The camera crew is filming, smart phones are flashing but I'm not nervous this time:).

I'm grateful for another opportunity to speak to these eager students of art. 'The Benefits of Quick Sketching' is my topic.
 (my point of view)

(Q&A followed by another autograph session. ).

 This time only a little over an hour:)
(The line of autograph seekers snakes around...)

Day 3 - Friday May 2nd...

My topic for today is Planning a Scene-Part 1...

delivered to an audience of young animation enthusiasts.


 As usual, a Q&A, autograph signing session followed and...

(left to right: Gloria, me, Pam and Mariana)

these young ladies won a contest to have 'time with Ron', to ask me questions, look at their portfolios and just chat:)

They are holding  lanyards designed by my son Jai. I usually give them away at book signings but this was a special occasion.

 Afterward, those speakers who chose to ( and I chose to) were treated to an open air bus tour of downtown Mexico City about twenty minutes away.

 I was exposed to some outstanding history, monuments, sculpture and culture. Mexico City is beautiful and I really enjoyed my visit.

(To be continued...)

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  1. HI, Ron, its me Pam! :D
    Its been a while but I really wanted to thank you, because you inspired me a lot and i actually learned about your talk. I want to be the best everyday and im trying to practice , so if ill see you again you can see an improvement in my art
    I dont know, its late but i am being nostalgic i guess (I borrowed "The illusion of like from ollie johnston and Frank thomas, maybe its that) Well, thanks for being an amazing human being and sorry for being dramatic and also for my english C: