Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book contest...

'Quick Sketching with Ron Husband'...
  A few weeks ago I did phone interview with Tammy Turner of the Tiara Talk Show.
 The topics were my career with Walt Disney Feature Animation and the book I had written:

Tammy has just opened a contest to give away to the winner an autographed copy of my book. Here is the link:)
May the best sketcher win!


  1. Hey Ron,

    Not sure if you remember me from CTN, but I thought I would say hi. Ive been following your blog since your first post and the stories are sure wonderful to read. I was wondering if you ever got people together to go out sketching?

    I also went to mt sac. Funny

  2. When I taught a class at an art school here in So.Calif. we would go out sketching and on my trip to Pennsylvania a few months ago, but not recently...maybe in the future if there is enough interest:-)