Sunday, May 25, 2014

Creativa Fest 2014 Part 3...

Saturday May 3rd...

The organizing committee, realizing the speakers needed a break, were kind enough to plan several trips to Teotihuacan (which means: "place where the gods were born/city of gods").
After three days of speaking, signings, interviews and "may I take a selfie with you?" I looked forward to getting a chance to see more of Mexico than the inside of the conference center.
Teotihuacan is located about thirty minutes from Mexico City and was once a thriving city with a population of over 175,000. The ruins and pyramids are what remain today and I was about to be exposed to more Mexican culture and history.

(Me by Escultura Montlitica (goddess of water) at entrance to Teotihuacan.)

The Pyramid of the Sun (in the middle of the photograph) is my destination.

All along the way there were those selling their wares to mark the occasion. Big hats were the vogue to ward off the sun as there was no shade once you hit the trail leading to the pyramids.

The trail to the pyramids is called  Avenue of the Dead.  It was just about a mile walk to my destination.

(Almost there...)

(Just a little farther to go...)

Approaching the stairs to begin my climb...

Before I go up...a little sketching of those ascending and descending the pyramid  :-)

View from the first of four levels...
 View from the second level...
From the third level...

Four levels, 233 1/2 feet tall, 248 steps later and I'm at the top of the third largest pyramid in the world.

Dehydrated (forgot to take water), light headed and dizzy. Gustavo (one of the volunteers who accompanied us) babysat me while I recovered:-).
Dizzy or not I got in a few sketches...never get this angle again soon... 

 Then, we were on our way back to Mexico City... and I to prepare for one more day of talks.

(to be continued...)

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